Gluteen Free Pizza Base supplement £1

Please note our gluten free bases are cooked in the same oven as the regular one. They are cooked in separate trays to avoid contact but please be aware cross contamination could occur.

Gluten Free Pizza Base supplement £0.5

Please note our gluten free bases are cooked in the same oven as the regular bases. They are cooked in separate trays to avoid contact but please be aware cross contamination could occur.


Insalata Estiva (V) (GFA)

Vine plum tomatoes tossed with Romaine lettuce, Kalamata olives, avocado, cucumber, feta cheese, toasted croutons and house dressing.

Linguine Gamberetti e Zucchine (GFA)

Linguine pasta tossed with shrimps, grated courgette, garlic, lemon and parmesan.

Orata e Fagioli (GF)

Pan fried fillet of sea bream with butter beans, chorizo in a cherry tomato sauce served with parmentier potatoes.

Braised Pork Ribs

Slow cooked pork ribs in a rich ragu topped with Taleggio cheese gratinated and served with crostini.

Pizza Mafiosa (GFA)

Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami, chicken and pancetta.

Pollo Milanese

Chicken breast coated in seasoned breadcrumbs pan fried and served with linguine and cherry tomato sauce.


Homemade beef lasagne.

Sunday Roast (only available on a Sunday)

Roast sirloin of beef served with seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes, traditional gravy & Yorkshire pudding.

Bruschetta al Pomodoro (Veg) (GFA)

Puglian bread topped with chopped vine plum tomatoes, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Bruschetta al Salmone (GFA)

Lightly toasted bread with avocado, feta cheese and smoked salmon.

Pistachio Houmous (Veg)

Creamy houmous served with warm pizza bread.


Cured meats, cheese, olives and crostini.

Zuppa (V) (GFA)

Homemade soup served with bread.


Squid coated in semolina and deep fried served with lemon herb mayonnaise.

Caprese (V) (GF)

Vine ripened plum tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.

Gelato (V) (GF) 5

2 scoops of ice cream (Choose from chocolate, strawberry & cream vanilla, salted caramel, fruits of forest & bubblegum.

Profiteroles Bianco (V) 6

Choux pastry filled with cream topped with white chocolate

Bocconcini di Pollo (V) (GFA) 8.5

Fresh breaded chicken goujon, tomato sauce, chips & peas

Bambini Pizza (V) (GFA)

A 7 inch base with tomato & mozzarella

Lasagne 8

Our traditional lasagne

Penne alla Bolognese (GFA) 8

Penne Pasta with Bolognese sauce

Penne al Pomadoro (VEG) (GFA) 7

Penne pasta tossed with tomato sauce

Sunday roast (only on Sundays) 9

Traditional Sunday roast served with all the trimmings

Calamari Fritti 6

Calamari Fritti with garlic mayo

Focaccia Formaggio (V) (GFA) 5

Pizza base with garlic & cheese

Zuppa Del Giorno (V) (GFA) 5

Chef’s special soup of the day, served with bread

Calzone Bolognese 13.9

Folded pizza filled with bolognese & mozzarella cheese

Calzone Vegano (Veg) 12.9

Floded pizza filled with Veganarella cheese, roasted peppers, broccoli, kalamata olives, oregano & sun dried tomato

Salsiccia e Patate (GFA) 10.9

Fior di latte mozzarella, chorizo sauce, cubed potatoes & basil

Mimosa (GFA) 10.9

Sweetcorn , should ham, double cream & fior di latte mozzarella

Oilve e Acciughe (GFA) 9.9

Tomato san Marzano, garlic, origano, anchovies & kalamata olives

Pepperoni (GFA) 10.9

Tomato sauce, mozzarella & pepperoni

Margherita (V) (GFA) 9.9

Tomato sauce with mozzarella (vegan alternative available)

Prosciutto e Funghi (GFA) 10.9

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham & mushrooms

Pescatore (GFA) 14.5

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mussels , king prawns, clams & squid

Mafiosa (GFA) 13.5

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami, chicken & pancetta

Contadina (V) (GFA) 11.9

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted peppers & kalamata olives (available with vegan cheese alternative)

Quattro Formaggio (GFA) 12.9

Tomato sauce topped with four Italian cheeses

Romazzino (GFA) 12.9

Tomato sauce, Gorgonzola, spicy salami & nduja

Bianca (GFA) 12.9

Mozzarella, cured ham, chopped tomatoes, rocket & parmesan shavings

Zucchini Fritti (Veg) 4.5
Cavolo Nero (Veg) (GF) 4.5
Truffle & Porcini Macaroni Cheese 7
Tenderstem Broccoli 4.8
Rocket & Parmesan Salad (GF) 5
Mixed Salad (VEG) (GF) 4.8
Confit Garlic Mash (GF) 4
Truffle Mash (GF) 4.5
Hand Cut Chips 3.5
Truffle & Parmesan Chips 4.5
Sauces 3

Peppercorn sauce   –   Red wine & Thyme jus  –  Chimichurri (veg) (gf)  –  Blue cheese sauce

Fillet steak 26.9

Sourced from Hereford/Angus breed. This prime cut of beef is cooked to you liking & served with hand cut chips. (approx 230g of meat)

Tomahawk Steak (serves 2 Persons) 7.9 per 100g

Sourced from Hereford/Angus breed of cattle & quality assured farms. This stunning cut of meat is coated in our burnt onion marinade to give that barbecued flavour served with hand cut chips, tender stem broccoli with chilli & the choice of 2 steak sauces (price by weight)

Welsh Wagyu Flat Iron Steak 23

From grazing on the hills of Montegomeryshire to the Romazzino kitchen the beautiful cut-off meat best cooked medium rare. Served with truffle & parmesan chips & Italian Chimichurri (approx 250g of meat)

Bistecca Vegana (Veg) (GFA) 14.5

Spiced cauliflower steak seasoned with cajun spices then oven roasted & served with tender stem broccoli & chilli, cauliflower puree & Parmentier potatoes

Orata e Fagioli (GF) 17

Sea bream from the waters of the Mediterranean. Filleted & pan fried with chorizo & butter beans in a cherry tomato sauce served with Parmentier potatoes & garnished with deep fried fennel.

Sogliola (GFA) 25.9

Lemon sole fished from the waters of the north east Atlantic & roasted on the bone for maximum flavour. Served with garlic mash & a garlic butter sauce.

Pollo Supreme 14.5

Supreme of chicken served with confit garlic mash, cavolo nero, parmesan and lemon cream sauce and garnished with micro herbs.

Carre’ di Agnello 25.9

Rack of Lamb sourced from farms in and around Staffordshire and Cheshire this excellent cut of meat is served with a pistachio crumb, truffle and parmesan mash, cavolo nero and a red wine and thyme jus.

Bistecca di Maiale 20.9

The Mangalitza pork prime rib steak is considered the best of the rare breeds, served with confit garlic mash, tenderstem broccoli, apple and cider puree and red wine jus.

Vitello alla Milanese approx 350-400g 26.9

British Rose Veal cutlet sourced from the Friesian-Holstein breed of cattle. This beautiful cut of meat is coated in seasoned breadcrumbs and pan fried with herbs and butter, served with roasted peppers and rocket salad.

small Insalata Estiva 8.9
Insalata Estiva (V) (GFA) 13.9

Vine ripened plum tomatoes tossed with Romaine lettuce, Kalamata olives, avocado, cucumber, feta cheese, toasted croutons and house dressing.

small Romazzino Salad 10.9
Romazzino Salad (GFA) 13.9

Home cured thinly sliced duck breast with Chicory salad leaves, fennel, orange segments, flaked almonds, parmesan dressing and garnished with sundried tomato crumb.

small Waldorf salad 7.9
Waldorf Salad (V) (GFA) 10.9

Mix salad leaves tossed together with pear, walnuts, mild and Gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, toasted croutons and house dressing.

Chicken Caeser Salad (GFA) 13.9

Chargrilled chicken breast tossed with Romaine lettuce and a classic Caeser dressing. Garnished with crispy Parma ham and sundried tomato crumb.

Risotto Miso e Funghi (Veg) 12.9

Risotto with mushroom, miso & tahini finished with lemon juice & olive oil.

Risotto Pescatora 15.5

Arborio rice cooked with king prawns, calamari, mussels, clams and white wine in a langoustine shell bisque and finished with butter and parsley.

Risotto Pollo e Chorizo (GFA) 13.9

Arborio rice cooked with white wine, chorizo, tender chicken breast and peas finished with butter and Fontina cheese.

Lasagne di Carne 11.9

Traditional homemade lasagne with a rich beef ragu, bechamel sauce and finished with parmesan.

Mezzi Rigatoni al Forno (GFA) 10.9

Mezzi rigatoni pasta in a spicy Arrabiata sauce with Nduja topped with Taleggio cheese and finished in the pizza oven.

Pappardelle all’Anatra 14.9

Fresh Pappardelle pasta tossed in a ragu of braised duck leg, red wine and Italian San Marzano tomatoes. Finished with aged pecorino and extra virgin olive oil.

Macaroni Porcini e Tartufo (V) 12.9

Macaroni pasta served in a rich cheese, truffle oil and porcini flavoured sauce topped with Taleggio cheese and gratinated in the oven.

Scialatielli Gamberetti e Zucchini (GFA) 13.9

Scialatielli pasta tossed with cocktail prawns, garlic, grated courgette, lemon juice and a hint of parmesan. Garnished with lemon zest.

Ravioli al Brasato 14.9

Homemade ravioli pasta filled with a rich braised beef brisket ragu. Finished in a sage butter sauce garnished with sun-dried tomato crumb and deep-fried sage.

Scialatielli allo Scoglio 15.5

Traditional pasta from the south of Italy served with sauteed king prawns, calamari, mussels and clams in a cherry tomato and langoustine shell bisque. Finished with extra virgin olive oil.

Fusilli Romazzino (Veg) (GFA) 10.9

Fresh Neapolitan fusilli pasta tossed with sauté mushrooms, butter beans, sweet paprika, hint of chilli. Finished with parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

add Chicken 3
Linguine Carbonara (GFA) 10.5

Smoked Italian pancetta fried and tossed with linguine then finished with cream, egg yolks, parmesan and black pepper.

add Chicken 3
Penne Arrabiata (Veg) (GFA) 9.5

Penne pasta served in a rich and spicy cherry tomato sauce garnished with fragrant basil.

Linguine Bolognese (GFA) 10.9

Black Angus mince beef cooked in a rich tomato ragu garnished with aged pecorino.

Antipasto di Mare 21.9

Selection of mix fish. Scottish smoked salmon, salt and pepper calamari, King prawns, marinated anchovies, octopus and potato salad served with roast garlic lemon mayonnaise and crostini bread.

Antipasto di Terra 18.9

Selection of Italian meat and cheese served with Kalamata olives traditional Italian pickled vegetables and crostini bread.

Zuppa (Veg) (GF) 5.9

Soup of the day served with bread.

Spicy Cauliflower Wings (Veg) 7.5

Cauliflower florets coated in a spicy vegan batter then oven baked and served with a tangy vegan ranch dressing.

Pistachio Houmous (Veg) 7.5

Creamy roasted pistachios houmous served with warm pizza bread.

Polipo Grigliato 10.9

Grilled Mediterranean octopus served with avocado cream, fennel, orange and almond salad garnished with a sun-dried tomato crumb.

Costata di Maiale 7.5

Traditional braised pork ribs served in a rich red wine and tomato sauce gratinated with Taleggio cheese from the Lombardy region.

Caprese (V) (GF) 8.2

Vine ripened plum tomatoes served with creamy buffalo mozzarella avocado puree and garnished with extra virgin olive oil and fragrant basil.

Calamari 8.5

Salt and pepper calamari deep fried coated in semolina and served with a smoked roast garlic, lemon and herb mayo.

Carpaccio di Manzo (GF) 12.9

Thinly sliced beef fillet served with aged Pecorino, capers, rocket & lemon wedge.

Caposante (GF) 12.9

Pan fried scallops served with a velvety cauliflower puree, crispy Parma ham and dill oil.

Bruschetta Salmone (GFA) 5.9

Slices of lightly toasted Puglian bread with avocado, feta cheese, the finest Scottish smoked salmon and garnished with dill.

Bruschetta Livornese (GFA) 4.9

Slices of lightly toasted Puglian bread topped with chopped vine ripened plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives, anchovies and fragrant basil.

Bruschetta Pomodoro (Veg) (GFA) 4.5

Slices of lightly toasted Puglian bread topped with chopped vine ripened plum tomatoes marinated with garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Focaccia Piccante (GFA) 5.9

Small pizza base with garlic, rosemary, mozzarella and Nduja.

Focaccia Formaggio (V) (GFA) 5.5

Small pizza base with garlic, rosemary and Fior di Latte mozzarella from Naples.

Focaccia (Veg) (GFA) 4.5

Small pizza base with garlic, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza Marinara (Veg) (GFA) 5.5

Small pizza base with San Marzano tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and basil.

Pane (V) 4.5

Home-made bread with olive oil and balsamic.

Olive (Veg) (GF) 4.5

Nocellara whole green olives from Sicily.